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Which way, Which way
Which Way, Which Way
Which way do I go
Which one do I follow
Heart torn in two
Feeling so hollow
Life spinning fast
Caught in a whirlwind
Can’t tell my up from down
When will this ride end
One steady and faithful
One comforting and new
Two more hearts in this riddle
With love waiting to bloom
Which way do I go
Which one do I follow
Will I find joy and hope
Or nothing but sorrow
Do watch them go
While I wait to follow
Do I stay and find balance
And look towards a new tomorrow
Give old dreams
Finding new paths
Making new starts
Cutting a swaqth
Which way do I go
Which one do I follow
Do I stay with the new
Or do I wait to follow
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Spartan Valor Epilogue
Tanis now eighteen laughed as the newest ODST recruits followed behind her. Many of them were having trouble keeping up except for one. The brother of the man who had tried to save her Liam MaCallister. Like his brother he had been on her heels for most of the run. She stopped a moment she stepped out into the clearing where she had been taken so many years ago. Tanis smiled as she heard footstep getting closer and with that jumped and slid through the glassed clearing. She looked over her shoulder as she got to the other side waving before she took off again through the trees. She heard the other cadets swearing ready to give up as Liam laughed at them. Tanis knew he would get them keep going. She kept running wondering how many would make it into squads this year and just how many would end up and Helljumpers like Liam was. With that thought she pushed harder wanting to make these boys work for their spots. As she saw the finish she could hear them getting closer. With smirk on her f
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Spartan Valor 8
Cortana ran through the ship wasting no time getting to the Pelican bay just as John stepped off. He stopped as she ran to him.
"Its over." He said quietly as the medics came in followed closely by Halsey and Tanis. "Fred took a couple of hits from a grav hammer. Other than that we're fine." Halsey just narrowed her eyes at him.
"I'm checking you all over whether you like it or not." At the John just held up the hand he didn't have wrapped around Cortana in surrender. Cortana just smiled as she pulled his helmet off giving him a quick kiss.
"Daddy?" John smiled down at his daughter before he leaned down and picked her up.
"Yes my little demon." He said hugging her tightly to him.
"Are the monsters gone?" She asked quietly as she nuzzled his neck.
"They're gone my little one and if they do come back I'll make the go away again." John said kissing the top of her head before they followed Dr. Halsey and the other to the med bay.
Fred winced as Kelly continued to yell at him berating him f
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Spartan Valor 7
"Alright Chief you and the rest of the Spartans being dropped in the LZ just south of where the covenant forces have set up it's pretty rough so we're dropping you in. You go in first we come in behind and mop up after we find a softer place to land." Johnson said as the pelican lifted off.
"Got it though there may not be much for you to take care of when I get through with these bastards." John all but growled. A couple of the ODST troops who had trained with him stepped back as the felt the fury radiating off of Chief and the other Spartans. Cortana
I'm here John. Don't worry I'm monitoring all channels currently they're scrambling trying to find Tanis. John…
I know Tana I'll make them fear me again. With that he felt the link between him and his wife quiet. He looked back to his team as they neared the LZ. Kelly was bouncing back and forth while Fred simply leaned against the bulkhead waiting as Linda sat checking her sights. He looked over his shoulder the ramp opened.
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Spartan Valor Part 6
Cortana woke to find John already up and looked down at her little girl who started to wake up stretching and yawning.
"John?" He looked at her and gave her a small chaste kiss before getting up dressed in an olive a-shirt and fatigues before leaving the room. Cortana let out a heavy sigh knowing that John would stop at nothing to take vengeance on the prophet that had stolen their daughter. She looked down at her little girl and smiled running and over her cheek as her slowly opened revealing a sleepy cobalt blue.
"Where's daddy?" She asked sitting up rubbing the sleep from her eyes.
"He went up to the bridge my little one. Now let's get dressed and get some breakfast we can probably catch aunt Linda and Kelly if we hurry." The little girl scrambled out of the bed her hair a mess as she started to pull on a pair of black leggings and lilac colored dress. Cortana smiled and dressed quickly before brushing Tanis' hair and then hers.
"Ready mommy!" She smiled as she followed her daughter
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Spartan Valor Part 5
John stepped off the pelican looking around with the rest of his team and the Arbiter right behind him.
"Been a long time." He looked at Kelly as he stood at the end of the ramp.
"What is this place?" The young Spartan III asked as he stepped up next to chief looking out across the glassed field. He noticed there were battle rifles embedded in the glass a set of dog tags hanging on each rifle. John nodded for everyone to follow as he carried an extra rifle as he strode into the field. He thrust the rifle into the glass and pulled Kurt's tags from a small compartment on his chest and hung them from the rifle.
"This is where we give our fallen brother's and sister's rest. The UNSC lists every Spartan as M.I.A. never able to able to truly be put to rest." He said kneeling and bowing his head. Kelly stepped up behind him and put a hand on his shoulder. John reached up and put his hand over hers. "I'll be fine Kelly."
He stood moving away from the field towards one of the waiting warthogs a
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Spartan Valor Part 4
Chief looked at the projection in front of him wondering why the covenant had chosen Reach.
"It's going to be strange going back." He looked at Kelly as she came up beside him.
"Yeah it is but I'm just trying to figure out why they chose Reach. I don't like it Kelly." He said straightening to his full height of nearly eight feet.
"Tanis will be fine we'll get her out of this." He just nodded as he saw Cortana walk into the room.
"I hope you're right Kelly. We got lucky with Tanis." He said as he made his way over to his wife. Cortana smiled weakly as she wrapped her arms around his waist.
"John…" He kissed her forehead just before she led him from the room.
Cortana helped John out of his armor and pulled him towards the bed. John lay down with Cortana net to him her head resting on his chest.
"We'll find her Tana I swear it." She turned her face into his chest as she let the tears run down her face.
"I know I'm just scared of what they'll do to her." John ran his hands through her
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Spartan Valor Part 3
John was surprised as he walked into the base seeing Linda and Fred talking with Dr. Halsey. Halsey's eyes instantly trained on John. Her eyes widened as they met his 0and she rushed over to him. She had never seen such a cold fury burning there.
"What happened John?" He looked away from his long time mentor trying to reign in his emotions.
"Covenant took Tanis. She's missing." Halsey gasped in shock. He looked up as she put a hand on his cheek. John nodded as looked past her at his fellow Spartans.
"Come with me. I'll tell Cortana to meet us in the armory." She said turning away from them and leading them away from armory they had been heading to. Kelly looked up at him and John just shrugged and followed Halsey.
Kelly let out a low whistle as she looked around the armory. 'Spartan Amory is more like it' She thought as she picked up a small carbon steel throwing knife. Fred just smiled as he stood next to Kelly admiring the knives.
"I always wanted to be prepared and over the last fiv
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Spartan Valor 2
The ODST recruits were ready to drop as they looked up at their drill instructor. He was barley sweating from their ten mile run. But then again they had to remember that Drill Instruction Spartan was just that a Spartan. John looked over the squad and shook his head. At this rate they'll never make it as an ODST.
"Would you look at that?" John looked over to the obstacle course and shook his head as watched his daughter follow Kelly through the course. "Isn't she a civilian?" he heard one of the recruits ask.
"She's still a Spartan. You know they can go to any base at any time they want."
"Yeah right like they would just let people into the base without proper clearance."
"They're Spartans and there's only a handful left so the UNSC wants to make sure the ones that have gone into civilian careers are still willing to help. Anyway like there's anyone who could stop them if they wanted too." John just smiled watching the woman he considered one of his sisters' blaze past the others runn
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Mature content
Spartan Valor Part 1 :iconhowlinghybrid:howlinghybrid 0 0
Your Loss
Your Loss
I scream in silence
No one hearing the pain
I'm tired of the violence
Is all my trying in vain
Shouting to the heavens
Why is this being done?
When will the war come to an end?
When will my bleeding be done?
You laugh and you smile
At my cut and bruises
You're laughing yet all the while
You're the one who loses.
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I want you head
I want you dead
Don't you understand?
You pushed me past breaking
Now there's this hole that is aching
Where my heart used to stand
I am revenge and I am hatred
And I am sleeping in hate's bed
And with their help your demise will be grand
Now I'm Hardened to stone
Calling for blood and for bone
Your death will come at my hands.
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I listen to your hurting words
I watch and say nothing
But inside it hurts
I act as if nothing happens
But it hurts so much
When the day ends
You hurt me and hate me
You blatantly curse me
What have I done
To deserve such pain
I hope I never go trough this again
What did I do
To turn you against me
I wait for the answer
But what could it be
I became my own person
And followed my own path
Is that why you hurt me
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She looks at you
Her eyes begging and pleading
As the pain starts anew
Won't you help stop the bleeding?
You ignore her cries
Watching her spiral downward
Her light flickers and dies
With no help from its steward
All she wanted was help
And you walked away
She let the world know as she fell
It was you who stole her life away
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The Pain Within
The Pain Within
12/1/03 Amara Abbott
You look right through me
Like I'm not even there
I try to touch you
All you feel is a Small gust of air
I reach for you
To dry your tears
But I can't even feel your breath on my skin
You weep for me
For me and my sin
I gave up my life to the pain within.
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The Inner Me
The Inner Me
I'm not all I appear to be
Kind, defensive, and neat
Inside my mind a battlefield
On which no weapon I wield
The turmoil driving me out of my mind
Trying to find my niche in time
The twisted mind of a killer
The heart of a nun
I have a liking for blood
But I'm not bleeding for fun
There are locks with no keys
To keep secrets safe from traitors
So to me they can not deceive
Too many times betrayed
Too many lies have been made
The inner me locked away from the world
For only a few to see
Like a precious pearl
:iconhowlinghybrid:howlinghybrid 1 0


Disney University - Bolt by Hyung86 Disney University - Bolt :iconhyung86:Hyung86 4,617 292 Disney University - Hades and Persephone by Hyung86 Disney University - Hades and Persephone :iconhyung86:Hyung86 1,994 93 LadyDeath 2014 by ToolKitten LadyDeath 2014 :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 741 14 Cliffhanger Jam 2015 CMYK by ToolKitten Cliffhanger Jam 2015 CMYK :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 1,291 48 Mercy does it by ToolKitten Mercy does it :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 1,007 41 ancient dreams by ToolKitten ancient dreams :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 763 22 kiss color by ToolKitten kiss color :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 867 35 Uncanny-Extraordinary Xmen by ToolKitten Uncanny-Extraordinary Xmen :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 2,505 92 Swords of Sorrow Connecting by ToolKitten Swords of Sorrow Connecting :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 1,059 36 RSDTVPconnecting CMYK by ToolKitten RSDTVPconnecting CMYK :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 501 14 LoveAndDeath colors by ToolKitten LoveAndDeath colors :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 1,400 29 Harleys LittleBlackBook JSC by ToolKitten Harleys LittleBlackBook JSC :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 1,234 27 Galaxygal by ToolKitten Galaxygal :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 753 31 Lucille by ToolKitten Lucille :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 712 17 Patjan by ToolKitten Patjan :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 790 18 Soft and Sunshine by ToolKitten Soft and Sunshine :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 1,052 26


Oh my god!!! I finally posted my poetry. Maybe now i'll be brave enough to post some of my fanfiction or if i really get gutsy some of my original stories.
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